Asus Eee PC 900, boleh juga nich

Discover New Perspectives with New 8.9 Inch Eee PC 900

– Shock Proof Mobility
– FingerGlide and Other User-Friendly Features
– New Perspectives with 8.9 inch Display
– Different Environments for Different Need

FingerGlide, 1.3M Pixels Webcam and More at Just 0.99kg!

he new Eee PC 900 offers you more options for your mobile computing needs. Incorporating a shockproof design and weighing less than 1kg, you will find it “Easy to learn, work and play” – making it your best outdoor companion anywhere, anytime. What´s more, it features a 8.9 inch widescreen, the innovative FingerGlide, a 1.3M pixels webcam, and 12GB and 20GB storage capacities for Windows® and Linux operating systems.

Shock Proof Mobility

  • Built-in Solid State Disk (SSD) technology for quiet, energy saving and shock proof design.
  • Guards against data loss or shock-related damage – making it the perfect tool for reliable outdoor computing.
  • Ideal companion for reporters, wildlife photographers and other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

FingerGlide and Other User-Friendly Features

  • FingerGlide makes operating the Eee PC easy and convenient through simple finger movements on the touchpad that allows zooming in and out of pictures or screen scrolling for easier document viewing.
  • Up to 20GB of storage allows you to easily store photos, music and data files more efficiently.
  • A 1.3M Pixel webcam works synchronously with built-in wireless Internet options to provide web conferences anywhere, anytime for easier web communications and increased work

New Perspectives with 8.9 inch Display

  • Large 8.9″ screen size for more screenspace – making it more comfortable on eyes when in use.
  • 1024 x 600 resolution allows you to view a single A4 page without the need to scroll left or right for easier reading and editing of documents.
  • 8.9″ screen does not affect the overall weight of the Eee PC 900, which remains below 1kg – allowing children and women to carry it with ease.

Different Environments for Different Needs

  • Eee PC 900 comes in both Microsoft Windows® and Linux versions.
  • The Microsoft Windows® version provides a familiar Windows® interface for experienced users – incorporating Windows® Live features like Windows® Live Messenger and Windows® Live Mail; and Microsoft Works for numerous office applications.
  • The Linux version provides an intuitive user interface to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. With over 40 built-in applications, it offers dynamic computing to learn, work and play; while a fast boot-up time makes it ideal for quick Internet access while waiting for public transport or taking notes on-the-go.




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