Another RapidShare Happy Hours Detector

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Here’s something that all free RapidShare users will like. While browsing an underground forum yesterday, I found a very nice application that notifies us whenever RapidShare Happy Hours are enabled.

As a free user, you all must have noticed that RapidShare is again experimenting with Happy Hours. In happy hours, when ever RapidShare fees like their servers have enough spare bandwidth, they disable all the download tickets and captchas and makes it easier for free users to download. You can even use different free tools and downloaders to download files off RapidShare at that time.

Happy Cat

RapidShare Happy Hours - Happy Cat

This little application will notify you whenever Happy Hours have been enabled. ) It will run in your taskbar tray and is even capable of playing an audio file whenever it detects happy hours. This application is in its initial stage. I’ll post about the new releases and updates.


The only requirement for this little application is Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


Download here (Updated version here).


In case, the above file gets deleted. I have made two other mirrors for you all to download this application.

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